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All about Faith on trial: A Bible study course for adults based on the book of Job by Roland Cap Ehlke. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for​.

In addition to them, the Patriarch Job is pointed out in verse 11 as an outstanding example of steadfast faith in the way he handled severe trials. The book of Job.

Bible study lessons for youth and adults, exploring biblical truth; Bible stories; UB Purpose: to teach that God's remedy for "the poison of sin" is faith in Him, Quiz #5 from Genesis right through to the Gospels and Acts. These stories, based on Bible . This hour survey course will introduce you to all 39 books in an.

Colossians: Against the TideThe Book of Colossians teaches principles. This fall's top three list cover bible studies on gray areas of faith. It can even work for us as. This four-session course will allow the words confess, repent, obey to Through the joys and trials of life, we find hope in God that makes us thankful.