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Does spending too much time on smartphones and tablets damage kids’ development? | The Independent iphone may interfere with sexual development

Using a smartphone or iPad to pacify a toddler may impede their ability to learn self-regulation, according to researchers.​ The researchers warned that using a tablet or smartphone to divert a child’s attention could be detrimental to “their social-emotional development”.

Some of these compounds may affect human physical development, but compounds can dramatically influence time to sexual maturity and lifespan. Science Foundation (NSF) grants IOS and IOS

For a parent, discovering that your child is entering puberty early can be alarming.​ Many kids who have early puberty don't need treatment.​ Here are some basic facts about the causes of early puberty and the ways it might affect your child.

Love & sex . Most child development experts agree that while passive screen time . The blue light emitted by the super-sharp displays can interfere with of Apple's software for iPads and iPhones comes with “Night Shift”.