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This man made a movie about his small penis small penis documentary

After his girlfriend rejects him for his underwhelming genitals, actor and comic Patrick Moote embarks on a two-fold quest to find out if size really matters, and if something can be done to beef up small members.

UnHung Hero is a documentary directed by Brian Spitz and starring Patrick Moote. She later says that one reason for rejecting his proposal is because his penis is too small. In what Moote calls a "cockumentary", Moote then travels the.

Unrated | 1h 24min | Documentary | 6 December (USA) . pills to pumps to plastic implants, this is the story of one man's pursuit to make his penis bigger.

Patrick Moote's penis is so small, he made a movie about it. In the new documentary, “UnHung Hero,” which is available on Showtime now and.