The Conan/Garfield parody that started it all - bruno strips for conan


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Sacha Baron Cohen, as Bruno, sat down for an interview on “The Tonight Show” and ended up dropping his pants for a Conan O'Brien lap.

Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno doesn't open in the U.S. until July 10th, but he's already out doing press for the film.​ Tonight he was the guest on The Tonight Show and, of course, he was utterly ridiculous.​ The question with Cohen's 'Bruno' act is how much longer is this sort of act.

Bruno the Bandit was a webcomic drawn by Ian McDonald about an incompetent bandit in a fantasy setting. The strip began on July 20, , and a new strip was posted every Monday, McDonald developed the comic starting from his parody strip "What if Conan the Barbarian Was Garfield's Owner?", Conan becoming.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any crazier Sacha Baron Cohen shows up​. So far, in his Cohen's epic world tour to promote Bruno.