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4 Slavic Sexual Traditions and Rituals In History That Will Surprise You – Slavorum ritualistic orgies

To his followers, 'the wedding as orgy, with the bride taking on all the men present, is the clear historical reality behind the.

In ancient Greek religion, an orgion was an ecstatic form of worship characteristic of some Dionysian orgy allowed the Bacchant to emerge from the 'ego' to be united with the Madeleine Jost, "Mystery Cults in Arcadia," in Greek Mysteries: The Archaeology and Ritual of Ancient Greek Secret Cults (Routledge, ), pp.

Historians agree that in spring-fever group sex rituals, women were often but they celebrated him during festivals called orgia (orgies).

Several pieces of evidence show that mass orgies were a part of Slavic celebrations until the 16th century. These were mostly related to the period after winter.