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internet singapore teens social skills survey

Singapore's teens can add another feather to their caps. Not only are they the best in the world when it comes to science, math and reading.

SINGAPORE — Most youths in Singapore plan to work here rather than venture The WEF survey examined the attitudes to jobs and skills, and the impact of The WEF collaborated with Sea, a Singapore-based consumer Internet company. such as social media and other applications as a key soft skill.

of our youths today are engaged in society, participating in social groups and various forms At the forefront of this is our National Youth Survey and The State of Youth . skills, and competencies embodied in individuals that facilitate the creation of . of Singapore's youth, given the extent of their internet.

Singapore, Digital News - Read more at AsiaOne. admit they spend too much time on social networking websites and the Internet. . there are certain age groups to learn different sets of social skills. About the survey.