Wilwood Disc Brakes - Pedals - Swing Mount Pedals - swinging pedals


: Dual Swing Pedal kit | Advance Adapters swinging pedals

This swinging mount pedal assembly mounts two single outlet brake master cylinders in a forward position outside the firewall. It features a lightweight aluminum.

Wilwood’s new floor mount pedal assemblies has a brake / clutch / throttle triple pedal design.​ There are three individual fabricated steel pedals with non-slip pedal pads to control brake, clutch and throttle.​ These swinging mount pedal assemblies combine the brake and clutch.

This kit has been designed to replace the frame mounted brake master cylinder with a firewall mounted brake and master cylinder for a hydraulic clutch. This kit.

Has any body put swinging pedals in 49 to 52 Chevy? I,m helping a friend with his 52 Chevy project and he would like swinging pedals and.